Frequently Asked Questions

What is autocard?
Autocard is the UK’s only automotive maintenance membership card, with participating garages nationwide offering our ever growing membership base huge savings every time they get their vehicle seen to. Each member receives a personalised membership card which they show at the garages to receive the discount the garage wish to provide, upon purchasing your membership you should expect to receive your personalised membership card within seven to fourteen working days.

What offers are available to members?
Up to 50% off the total bill cost: Upon completion of having your vehicle seen, a up to 50% discount will apply to the total bill cost including labour charges.

What are the average savings each time I use the card?
This depends on how often your vehicle is seen to and what work needs to be done to your vehicle, but we are sure that you will be able to cover the membership cost and more on the first use of your membership card.

Does the offer apply to labour charges?
Yes the discount through the autocard applies to the total bill cost including labour charges.

Can the garages exclude any days and times?
The only exclusions that the garages place are if they are fully booked for vehicles on a certain day, if this is the case the garage will advise you on the next best slot for your vehicle.

Why do some garages ask members to book in advance?
This is simply due to the garage being able to work more efficiently in this manner due to the work load, and being able to give the customer a much better experience. Be sure to mention autocard when booking your appointment.

Are the cards transferable?
No, the cards are strictly non-transferable. They are printed with your name and vehicles registration plate(s) on, so are only intended for use on the vehicles registration plate(s) printed on the card.

Why do participating garages offer such large discounts to autocard members?
As autocard is a membership community, the garages are able to offer generous discounts without publicizing that offer to the general public. As our members pay for membership, garages are assured you are good quality customers that they would like to get through their doors. Our aims are to help both our highly valued partner garages and members, by encouraging vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles more regularly with independent garages, and to help our members by making maintaining their vehicle more affordable.

How do I keep up to date with the latest garages joining, and all other autocard updates?
Our website is fully up to date with all of the offers currently available. The number of garages a part of the autocard network is growing constantly, any autocard member can keep informed by visiting our website and signing up for our newsletter, which is emailed out monthly to all of our subscribers and contains all the latest updates.

How do I cancel my autocard?
If you do not want to renew your membership you should contact us via our contact us form at any point within your 12 month membership period prior to your renewal date with no refund applicable in any kind.

Please note that the renewal date is not the same as the expiry date on your card, but is 12 months from the date that you made your original purchase payment.